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Ship Electrical Circuits-Vol 1 , 2 and 3  


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eBook 1: Ship’s Electrical Circuits -Volume 1

This book aims at helping maritime professionals to trace the most common circuits that sometimes seem difficult and time-consuming – especially when there is a breakdown and immediate action is needed.

It begins with the most basic guidelines and information that we felt was important, and gradually the complexity goes up to not more than DOL Starters and their related circuits that are commonly used for Engine Room Auxiliaries. It is pertinent to mention that there will be a few more volumes with even more complex but specific circuits.

It must be remembered that there are numerous manufacturers and the list of variants / types seems endless; the most common have been explained within.

Written in over 30 chapters, its addresses the following:

• Guidelines to reading and understanding electrical circuits as per international standards
• Fundamental circuits for the power supply generation and distribution systems onboard commercial ships
• Starters of almost all auxiliary machinery in the Engine Room onboard commercial ships.

eBook 1: Ship’s Electrical Circuits -Volume 1

eBook 2:Ship’s Electrical Circuits -Volume 2

eBook 2:Ship’s Electrical Circuits -Volume 2

Based on the fundamentals of Volume 2, lies the explanation of circuits explained in this book.

A great deal of painstaking effort has gone in, to simplify, draw and explain each circuit. Numerous systems and machinery have been covered.

It is expected that the reader would be aware that there are many variants of each piece of equipment – depending on the country of origin and manufacturers too. Hence it was not possible to cover the entire gamut of related equipment in the shipping industry; please accept our humble apologies in this regard.

Although it may appear to be haphazardly sequenced, the aim was to progress gradually from a simple to complex circuits as was the case in Volume 1 and will be the case in other volumes too.

It is pertinent to mention that from Volume 3 onwards, even more, elaborate electronic circuits that are relevant to Instrumentation and Control, Navigation and Communication, will be explained. Your valuable feedback is requested.

This volume written in over 20 chapters, addresses the common circuits related to deck machinery and almost all auxiliaries that fall under the general category of hull equipment and systems.

Some circuits are unique and some are generic. However, the more one learns and practices, the better!

Together with Volume one, almost all starter circuits on a commercial ship have been covered.

eBook 3: Ship’s Electrical Circuits -Volume 3

On a ship there are many parameters that needs to be controlled or monitored like temperature, pressure, level, viscosity, flow control, position of the vessel, speed, torque control, voltage, current, machinery status (on / off), equipment status (open/ closed) and so on.

The market has been driving ship owners to become more efficient with reduced staff on board, it called for an automatic control and monitoring system for the ship that enabled unattended operation of machinery spaces. Vessels capable of safe operation at any period of time qualify as UMS (Unattended Machinery Space) ships.

A modern automation and control system is a fully integrated system that covers many aspects of a ship’s operation, which includes the propulsion plant operation, power management operation on the auxiliary engines, auxiliary machinery operation, cargo on-and-off-loading operation, navigation and administration of maintenance and purchasing of spares, to name a few.

With over 40 years of first-hand experience by each of us in this mammoth industry, we have seen control elements, control and communication systems evolve from designs of the post 2nd World War era to the most sophisticated components and networks available today. It has indeed been a wonderful journey through time! These experiences and the lessons taught to us by our seniors and teachers, have been our guiding light; they have also prompted us to share our acquired knowledge with our counterparts and students in the international maritime industry so much so we have found more joy in sharing than acquiring!

eBook 3: Ship’s Electrical Circuits -Volume 3

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Ship Electrical Circuits-Vol 1 , 2 and 3  

$55.95 $65.00


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