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Hydraulics For Mariners

Professionals working on ships have to operate and maintain a wide variety of hydraulic equipment and systems.

With the advancement of technology, hydraulics has become an integral part of most of the marine machinery systems.

It is therefore imperative that mariner have the sufficient knowledge and skills on the subject of hydraulics to enable them to maintain and troubleshoot these systems.

“Hydraulics for mariners” is an essential guide to understand various hydraulic principles which is essential to operate various components and troubleshoot faults related to hydraulic machinery.


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The first book of its kind in the Maritime Industry, “Hydraulic for mariners” addresses the longstanding need for adequate knowledge, understanding, application and integration of Hydraulics that plays a vital role in the Global Maritime Industry.

Till date, students and professionals alike have had to refer to multiple sources for adequate and often obsolete information. This is a one-stop solution to the problem.

Although Fluid Dynamics is taught as a subject, it does not adequately address the components and sources involved and is more academic in nature. It is undoubtedly essential for an engineer to have that knowledge base; this book compliments the subject and serves to put theory into practice.

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Bonus 2 : A Pocket Guide To Hydraulic Control Vavles


$39.95 $59.95

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