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Guide To Deck Machinery Procedures and Operations

An essential guide for ship’s deck officers and crew members to carry out all important deck jobs and operations with utmost ease and safety.

$19.95 $40.00

A Guide To Become Successful Deck Officer
Learn about the journey of a deck officer right from the training institutes to becoming the captain of a ship. Know about his responsibilities and duties at each level.

$22.00 $30.00

Guide To Master Dry Dock Operations – For Deck Department
A guide for ship’s deck department professionals to learn planning and preparation for dry dock operations. Get vital dry dock procedures, checks, tests, guidelines and more.

$18.00 $26.00

A Guide To Cargo Operations For Tanker Ships

Get comprehensive explanation of all operations related to handling hazardous and highly flammable cargo on tanker ships. An essential guide for deck officers.

$12.99 $19.00

Guide To Cargo Operation Equipment For Tankers

Learn all important equipment and tools that are used for safe and efficient handling of cargo operations on tanker ships. An essential guide to deck and engine departments. 

$14.99 $22.00

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