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Journey of a Deck Officer Onboard Ships

A deck officer’s journey from cadet to captain is an extremely interesting one. Years of training and hard work makes a deck officer worthy to become a responsible captain of the ship.

This 100 pages ebook describes the journey of a deck officer through various professional stages of his life, explaining important duties at each stage, providing practical tips and enumerating the requirements which would help him in running the ship and its operations smoothly through international waters.

Written by a very experienced deck officer, the ebook offers a general overview of a deck officer’s professional journey right from the training institutes to becoming the captain of a ship.

What do we cover in this eBook?

About The Author

Author picture

Chief Officer and author, Abhishek Bhanawat has worked on different types of tankers and has several years of on board experience. He specializes in Crude Oil and Product Tankers. He is extremely passionate about his work and loves to sail. He has also written ebooks on Tanker and Cargo Operations

Chapters in Detail

1. Officer in the Making: Deck Cadet

2. Operational Level – Second and Third Officers

3. The Second in Command – Chief Officer

4. The Sole Authority – Master

Here are the 5 bonuses you get with this ebook

Bonus 1 : Quick Reference Resource For Important Navigation Chart Symbols

Bonus 2: A Pocket Guide To Life Operations and Maintenance on Ships

A Pocket Guide to Lifeboat Operation and Maintenance on Ships

Bonus 3: A Complete Guide to Travel Safety For Seafarers

Guide to Travel Safety for Seafarers

Bonus 4 : Important Checklists for Deck Officers

Important Checklist for Deck Officer

Bonus 5 : A Pocket Guide To Ship Stability

What Mariners are Saying about this ebook?

This ebook will be a powerful tool in the hands of deck officers who are willing to have a successful and professionally sound career in merchant navy. The ebook coming in a compact size could be very handy making it different from lengthy textbooks which are usually referred to at examination times, thus making it easily accessible and remarkable in learning.

– Manumaan Singh, Chief Officer, British Petroleum

A Guide To Become Successful Deck Officer – is an effective guide in present day shipboard operations to enlighten and enable deck officers to stay abreast with their jobs and responsibilities onboard. The emphasis by the author on cadets and their training will provide them with guidelines right from the day they step onboard ship.
-Capt. Swapnil Hemchandra Dhamankar, Marine Superintendent

– Corporate Compliance, Fleet Management

Guide To Become Successful Deck Officer will be helpful as a compact pocket guide for various ranks onboard. Right from Cadet to Master , this e book has everything in a concise manner inclusive of in depth suggestions which a seafarer needs in situations when nobody is available to answer.

– Capt. Rishi Sharma , Assistant Vice President, Doehle Danautic Managament CEO, Advance Maritime Training Institute (AMTI), India.

This book not only provides the essential knowledge of a deck officer’s journey but also offers information on how to handle deck operations in a more efficient manner. It also describes real-life scenarios with common methodology and mistakes that are prevalent on board ships. This is a must-have book for deck officers and crew members working at sea.  

– Karan Chopra, Ex- 2nd Officer/ Maritime Writer

A Guide to Become A Successful Deck Officer

$19.95 $24.00

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