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eBook 1: Marine Control Technology 5th Edition

This guide “Marine Control Technology”, the fourth edition, has been completely revised and updated. It contains relevant and concise information about the latest technological advances that the shipping industry has made in this sphere of engineering.

It caters to the academic and knowledge requirements for both pre-sea Engineering Cadets and post-sea Engineer Officers of the commercial shipping industry. It is also useful for engineering curricula in other institutions where Instrumentation and Control Engineering is being taught as a subject.

eBook 2: Marine Electrical Technology 12th Edition

This book caters to the structured curricula for Marine Engineering Pre-Sea Students, Marine Engineers of all post-sea competency levels and Electro Technical Officers of the Merchant Navy. This book can also be used as a reference material for other related courses and in libraries.

Comprising of 24 chapters in simple English, it explains not only the fundamentals but also the constructional features, operating principles, maintenance procedures and rules that govern the safe operation of all important electrical systems onboard a commercial ship.

eBook 3: Electro Technology

The contents of the book have been adequately prepared to cater to the curricula for Marine Engineering cadets of the 4th Semester and for students in similar stages of their academic life. This book may also be referred to while preparing for competency examinations and conversion or professional enhancement programs at the post-sea level.


Bonus 1: Guide To Marine Electrical Symbols

Bonus 2: Marine Electrical Troubleshooting Chart

Bonus 3: Pictorial Guide To Tests On Auxiliary Engine

pictorial guide` to auxiliary engine systems

Bonus 4: The Most Important Engine Room Machinery Line Diagrams


Bonus 5: A Guide to Financial Planning For Seafarers

Bonus 6: A Complete Guide to Travel Safety For Seafarers


Marine Electrical Technology Knowledge Combo Pack

$109 $140.00

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