Basic Control Engineering

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Basic Control Engineering

The contents of the book have been adequately prepared to cater to the curricula for Marine Engineering cadets of the Third Semester and qualified Marine Engineer Officers up to the rank of a Chief Engineer. Hence this book may also be referred to while preparing for competency examinations and conversion or professional enhancement programs at the post-sea level.

The shipping industry has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. The answer to reduced manning, together with demanding operating schedules, has more often than not been automation. Hence the need of the hour for a seafarer is adequate knowledge of UMS environments, enhanced communication protocols and their supporting systems both ashore and onboard ships.

Often perceived as a complex and little-known subject in the curriculum for a budding marine engineer and qualified seafarer alike, it has always been a challenge to understand the intricacies of a technology that has made shipboard equipment more intelligent and reliable.

With over 40 years of first-hand experience by each of us in this mammoth industry, we have seen control elements, control and communication systems evolve from designs of the post 2nd World War era to the most sophisticated components and networks available today and soon, the study of autonomous ships would be in the curriculum, which makes us delve more into the new challenges of the shipping industry. It has indeed been a wonderful journey through time! These experiences have been our guiding light; they have prompted us to share our acquired knowledge with our counterparts and students in the international maritime industry.

Relevant extracts from SOLAS Regulations and other similar guidelines, have been included with permission; however, these must be used only for academic purposes. Relevant documents onboard ships must be referred to, for the purpose of complying with Classification Societies’ and other Statutory Requirements.

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Basic Control Engineering

$19.95 $39.95

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