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eBook 1 & 2 : The Ultimate Guide to Deck Machinery Procedures and Operations

A deck officer on board ship is responsible for a number of important jobs, which also includes handling ship’s navigation. From monitoring loading and discharging of the cargo to maintenance and primary upkeep of the ship, deck officers perform some of the most vital operations which allow smooth operation of the ship.

Working as a deck officer is not an easy job. Sometimes you are required to handle a number of jobs simultaneously whereas other times you might have to face unexpected dangerous emergencies. The Ultimate Guide to Deck Operations and Procedures is a guide to help deck officer and crew members in carrying out all the important deck jobs with utmost ease and safety.

Deck Machinery Procedures and Operations
cargo operations for tankers

eBook 2:The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operation for Tankers

The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers offers a comprehensive explanation of all operations that are required to handle cargo on tanker ships. The guide features real life incidences and expert tips to help you understand each cargo handling operation with practical solutions.

This ebook is a must-read for not only those who are working on tankers but also for those who wants to understand how dangerous cargo is transported by tanker ships.

eBook 3: The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operation Equipment for Tankers

The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operation Equipment for Tankers includes 25 chapters focused on explaining all important equipment and tools that are used for handling cargo operations on tanker ships. Each chapter describes an important system or tool which is essential to ensure safety of the liquid cargo and crew members handling the same on ships.

The guide also includes plenty of real life incidences, points to note, and expert tips to help deck officers handle cargo operations more productively.

cargo operation equipment tankers

Here are the 8 bonuses you get with this combo pack

Bonus 1 : Quick Reference Resource For Important Navigation Chart Symbols


Bonus 2: A Complete Guide to Travel Safety For Seafarers


Bonus 3: Important Checklists for Deck Officers


Bonus 4 : Letter of Protest (LOP) Samples


Bonus 5 : A Pictorial Guide to Tests/Checks On IG Generator

ig generator

Bonus 6 : A Guide to Understanding Commercial Operations For Tankers


Bonus 7 : A Pictorial Guide to Important Tests/Checks On Framo Pump

framo pumps

Bonus 8 : A Pictorial Guide to Important Tests/Checks On Framo Pump


Cargo Operations For Tankers Combo Pack

$51.00 $64.00

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