Excellent Opportunity to earn when you are not sailing

Or even when you are!!!!

Are you a maritime professional with sailing experience?

Do you have a flair for writing and sharing your experiences at sea?

If yes, then Marine Insight provides you with the perfect platform to reach thousands of maritime professionals by sharing your experiences, photographs and videos.

This is the best way to give something back to your industry and help your fellow seafarers with important maritime information that matters the most.

You can share the following:

Latest news (Got something important that needs immediate broadcasting? Send news in any form (PDFs/Word/Photographs/Videos) and our editors will share them with the world as soon as possible.)

Send news at[email protected]

Onboard experiences ( Tell us about some important incidents that you have come across on board ships. Write us about accidents and near-misses which can help other seafarers to avoid such mistakes. Increasing awareness is the best way to reduce the number of accidents on ships.)

Send experiences at[email protected]

Photographs ( Have photography skills? Send us your ship photographs and we will share them with the maritime fraternity along with your name, rank, and other details that you want. You can also send us photographs of machinery overhauling, accidents, shipping operations etc. We will give all the due credits and the rights to those photographs will remain with you only.)

Send photos at[email protected]

Videos ( Have some interesting videos to share? Send them to us and we will not only share it with the world but will also put it on our YouTube channel so that it stays for the people to see for as long as possible.)

Send photos at[email protected]

Reports/ PDFs/Files/ Diagrams ( Have important reports or case studies which you think will be useful to seafarers around the world? Send it to us and we will publish along with all the necessary details. – We accept only original reports and files.)

Send them at[email protected]

Interesting/Sharable Stuff ( Came across something interesting and important online /offline which you feel would be important to seafarers? Let us know about it and we will share it giving a special “Thanks” to you.)

Send them at[email protected]

Opinions/ Comments (Have your own views on a trending issue or a problem facing the industry? Send it to us and we will publish it with/without your name.)

Share at – https://forums.marineinsight.com

At Marine Insight, we believe that sharing knowledge among fellow seafarers is the best way to raise awareness regarding important issues in the industry.

If you are a maritime professional,  we would request you to contribute to the industry by sharing your knowledge with fellow seafarers.

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Become a Guest Writer

The Maritime Industry is a closed and secluded sector with barriers that restrict the flow of information among its people. Geographical, technological, or professional – you name it and we have that.

Unlike other “well-informed” industries, the Maritime industry has a rich history and a promising future, along with solid global presence. However, what it lacks is a presence of a reliable communication network that not only informs and educates professionals from the maritime industry but also make other industries aware of the potential and progress of the marine world.

We take this opportunity to request all maritime professionals and maritime enthusiasts to come forward and share their experiences and ideas with the rest of the world. Let’s put forth our voices together.

If you would want to become a writer with Marine Insight, contact us today at [email protected] .

We look forward to hearing from you!

1. Why work with Marine Insight?

You will be a part of a highly-motivated team that focuses on creating content about maritime issues that really matter – piracy, maritime technology, environmental law, and countless other topics.

2. Marine Insight is one of the fastest growing maritime media company, reaching thousands of people around the world each month. At the same time, we’re still a small team; every new person who joins will make a significant impact on what we become.

3. Work from anywhere: Work from your home, work from your ship, from a coffee shop – anywhere with good enough internet to do google hangout or skype. There are no remote workers here, we’re all part of a distributed team.

For more information,

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