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A One-Stop Resource for marine engineers on troubleshooting Ship’s Machinery System

Marine Engineers are forced to face the most complex adversities on board ships.

Usually, the Marine engineer is responsible for lubricating oil, fuel, sewage, and cooling systems, propulsion systems, electricity generation, producing potable water, and so on. All of those duties are performed with great technical and professional precision.

Marine Engineer have to face a variety of problems and solve them with the limited resources they have with them on board ships.

Indeed, troubleshooting is part of the daily routine of the engineer and knowing what kind of methods should be used to perform troubleshooting is essential to solve problems in a neat, quick, and easy way.

It is therefore important to know the operating parameters of the machinery systems and equipment, to have the correct diagnosis and to understand what steps to take in order to resolve the problem.

What do we cover in this eBook?

About The Author

Saulo Daibes De Vasconcelos has more than ten years of experience as a Marine Engineer. Presently a Chief Engineer, he got his degree as Bachelor in Nautical Sciences at Ciaba (a Maritime University in Brazil) in Belém-2011. In 2017, he graduated in Automation and Control Engineering at Estácio College and in 2020 he got his master’s degree in Naval Engineering, on “Vibrational Analysis of Propulsive Systems for Prior Identification of Mechanical Failures''. During his career as a Marine Engineer, he got the opportunity to work on several kinds of vessels, from Maritime Support Vessels, Tankers Vessels, Research Vessels to Semi-Submersible Rigs and Drill Ships.

The eBook Answers Some of the Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the 5 bonuses you get with this eBook

Bonus 1: A Pocket Guide To Engine Room Watchkeeping on Ships


Bonus 2: A Complete Guide to Travel Safety For Seafarers


Bonus 3 : Important Checklists for Marine Engineers


Bonus 4: A Pocket Guide to Fixed Fire Fighting Systems and Emergency Procedures For Ship’s Engine Room

Bonus 5: The Most Important Engine Room Machinery Line Diagram


Bonus 6: Lifeboat Operation and Maintenance On Ships


What People Are Saying about the eBook?

This book is a fascinating, informative, Must-Read for anyone interested in performing troubleshooting as a Marine Engineer. The language is simple and goes straight to the point. It is capable of being read even by those whose native language is not English, since it was written taking into account the goal of being read all over the world. This book certainly will be acclaimed by its proficiency with observation, deduction and logical reasoning which borders Sherlock Holmes.
- Professor Silvio Maia,
Ciaba Maritime University
The book is a worthing reading for all mariners. It’s a true guideline made by someone who was not afraid of getting his hands dirty and has a deep technical knowledge – Ch.Eng Saulo Vasconcelos. The “Dart Vasconcelos” is a pragmatic and easy method of finding root causes aiming to sort out regular and complex issues regarding engines' environment.
- Carlos Mesquita,
Ship Captain
This great book should be called "The Marine Engineering Bible"! The way how the troubleshootings are faced are really incredible. The didatic of the author is so consistent that sometimes it seems like he is in front of you explaining the problem.
- Túlio Marinho,
Chief Marine Engineer

Troubleshooting for Marine Engineers

$19.95 $49.95

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