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You get these 19 Great Premium eBooks + 18 FREE Bonuses

  • Successful Marine Engineer: Operational Level
  • Successful Marine Engineer: Management Level
  • A Practical Guide to Yard Delivery of a New Ship
  • A Guide to Financial Planning For Seafarers
  • A Guide to Design And Operation of Refrigeration System
  • An Advanced Guide To Refrigeration System Maintenance On Ships
  • Marine Boiler Series – A Guide to Boiler Construction and Design
  • Marine Boiler Series – A Guide to Boiler Operation and Maintenance
  • A Guide to Hull Painting of Ships
  • A Guide to 2-Stroke Marine Engine Components
  • A Guide To Become Successful Deck Officer
  • A Guide To Master Dry Dock Operations – For Engine Room Department
  • A Guide To Master Dry Dock Operations – For Deck Department
  • A Step-by-step Guide To Overhauling Generators On Ships
  • The Ultimate Guide To Deck Machinery Procedures And Operations
  • The Ultimate Guide To Operating Procedures For Engine Room Machinery
  • The Ultimate Guide To Cargo Operations For Tankers
  • The Ultimate Guide To Cargo Operation Equipment For Tankers
  • A Complete Guide To Travel Safety For Seafarers

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19 Handy eBooks for Deck Officers and Marine Engineers Working on Ships



Ready to Use Templates of Maritime Forms, Checklists, Reports and Letters for Easy Reference and Quick Safety Checks


What Mariners are saying about our eBooks?

Having worked as a Service Technician with MAN B&W, I know the amount of efforts and precision it takes to carry out an errorless overhauling of generators on ships. Auxiliary engine is a complicated and expensive piece of machinery which requires professional expertise and skills for carrying out maintenance procedure. As an expert who works on marine engines, I recommend to use a guide like this which would assist you through the lengthy procedure of generator d’card.  on A Step-By-Step Guide to Overhauling Generators on Ships Musab.O.Karabulut, Current- Technical inspector, AB International Marine Services Co; Previous- Service technician, Man B&W

During my early days of merchant navy, I always used to have this apprehension of the way I will be treated in foreign countries. A underlying nervousness was always there at the back of the mind while traveling. I wish I had this guide with me back then. This eBook helps me remember things which I often forget while traveling, still!  – on A Complete Guide to Travel Safety for Seafarers Rishabh Joshi, Third Engineer, GMC

Being a marine engineer, I know the difficulties that are faced while operating engine room machinery. We always have to be extremely careful while handling them. Thanks to this guide – we now always have a pocket book, which is not only easy to carry but also serves as a great quick reference. – on The Ultimate Guide to Operating Procedures for Engine Room Machinery. – Mohit Kaushik, Third Engineer, Maersk Line

IFor those who are unaware about various equipment present on board tanker ships and their uses, this eBook is a powerful, easy, and quick reference guide. This eBook will save you from the lengthy and bulky manuals present on board ships. on The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operation Equipment for Tankers – Manumaan Singh , Chief Officer , British Petroleum

The eBooks published by Marine Insight are proving quintessential in training seafarers. The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers can be pivotal in rightfully training novices and further enlightening those who are already in tanker trade. The Tricks of the trade and Expert’s tips provided in this eBook will be guiding officers and crew towards carrying out operations on board tankers efficiently and safely. on The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers – Capt. Swapnil Hemchandra Dhamankar, Marine Superintendent – Corporate Compliance , Fleet Management

Dry docking is by far the most tedious job I have come across on ships. Though it is supposed to be known as the best learning experience for mariners, it is important that you are well prepared for the job. If you want to a get a general overview of what exactly is done in dry docks and how the whole operation is performed the this guide will surely help you a lot.” on A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations – Hemant Rai, Second Engineer, Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd. Hemant Rai, Second Engineer, Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd

This eBook has been long awaited by seafarers. Finally, hands-on experience of the best from the maritime industry come assimilated in one book. The handy format and the precise content are the promising features, which make this e book efficacious for all my fellow seafarers including myself, who on numerous occasions have felt the need for an expert’s advice and righteous guidance. The elaborations in this book are exactly what a seafarer looks for. A must read and keep for all those who are a part of the maritime industry. on The Ultimate Guide to Deck Machinery Procedures and Operations – Abhishek Bhanawat, Chief Officer, Seaarland Ship Management

Kudos to Marine Insight team for their e book – The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operation Equipment for Tankers. In the past, they have come up with great contributions towards the knowledge pool of the Maritime Industry; and yet again, they have introduced another handy pocket guide, which enlightens one completely about the cargo operation of the oil tanker and its equipment. It covers almost all important aspects required to train a seafarer regarding the precautions and important features of cargo operations on oil tanker. Real life incidents look quite familiar when one recollects memories of his/her own times on board ships. –  on The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operation Equipment for Tankers – Capt. Rishi Sharma ,CEO, Advance Maritime Training Institute (AMTI), Gurgaon

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