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Testing of Electronic Components

This may not be the first book of its kind but it is definitely written with both the
novice and professional in mind.

The key to identifying faults is the ability to locate a suspected component and
prove whether it is faulty or not.

This book is backed by decades of collective hands-on experience and teaching
too. It will surely help an undergraduate at college while experimenting with and
working on various components and likewise for qualified engineers and hobbyists
too, while troubleshooting systems in their working environment.

The 8 chapters are as follows:

1 Basic Measuring Instruments
2 Basic Components (R-L-C)
3 Semiconductors
4 Programmable Logic Controllers
5 Communication Protocols
6 Switches and Relays
7 Tube Lights and Heaters
8 Basic Hand Tools

What do we cover in this eBook?

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$14.95 $46.95

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