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Ship’s Electrical Circuits -Volume 1 


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Electrical circuilts vol 1

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Ship's electrical circuits volume 1 - Basics and Engine Room Auxiliaries)

This book aims at helping maritime professionals to trace the most common circuits that sometimes seem difficult and time-consuming – especially when there is a breakdown and immediate action is needed.

It begins with the most basic guidelines and information that we felt was important, and gradually the complexity goes up to not more than DOL Starters and their related circuits that are commonly used for Engine Room Auxiliaries. It is pertinent to mention that there will be a few more volumes with even more complex but specific circuits.

It must be remembered that there are numerous manufacturers and the list of variants / types seems endless; the most common have been explained within.

Written in over 30 chapters, its addresses the following:

• Guidelines to reading and understanding electrical circuits as per international standards
• Fundamental circuits for the power supply generation and distribution systems onboard commercial ships
• Starters of almost all auxiliary machinery in the Engine Room onboard commercial ships.

What do we cover in this eBook?

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Ship's Electrical Circuits, Volume 1 - Basics and Engine Room Auxiliaries

$20.5 $49.95

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