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Marine Boiler Series – Part 1,2,3,4

Marine boilers are one of the most ignored machinery systems on board ships. Often neglected in scheduled maintenance, boilers are usually attended only when malfunction and breakdown occurs. What follows is an expensive and time-consuming repair leading to delay in voyage, stoppage of cargo operations or increase in port stay time.

With rising operational expenses and fuel prices, along with stringent environmental regulations, there is a considerable pressure on professionals to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Boiler failure can occur because of a variety of reasons such as oil contamination, overheating, failure of tubes, oil leakage etc. Moreover, corrosion and deposits also greatly impact maintenance expenditures because of problems such as localised overheating of metals, under deposit corrosion, and flow restrictions.

In this four part series, get practical knowledge and helpful tips on carrying out operation and maintenance of boilers on board.

Marine Boiler Series: Part 1

A Guide to Boiler Construction and Design

Understanding the basics is the key to properly plan the maintenance and troubleshoot the marine boiler. This guide describes the main types of marine boilers commonly used on ships, along with their working procedures and problems. Each important part of the boiler system is explained with important procedures and guidelines.

From boiler mountings to feed water system, this guides provides explanation on all aspects of marine boiler which are important for smooth and safe running of the ship.

Topics Covered in this eBook:

  • Types and Working Of Boilers
  • Types of Boiler Mountings
  • Problems and Maintenance
  • Boiler Construction
  • Tubes, Refractory, Furnace, Shell etc.
  • Burners
  • Types, Operation, Maintenance

Marine Boiler Series: Part 2

A Guide to Boiler Operation and Maintenance

A Guide To Boiler Operation offers practical solutions on operation and maintenance of all important boiler parts. Along with the boiler, a number of supporting systems are also necessary for smooth running of the boiler system. This ebook covers all important operations, guidelines and maintenance procedures necessary for efficient working of the boiler system.

Topics Covered in this eBook:

  • Boiler Water System
  • Problems, Requirements and Maintenance Boiler Water Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Boiler operation and Maintenance procedures
  • Boiler Survey, Inspections and Tests
  • Boiler Emergency Operations and Actions To be Taken

Marine Boiler Series: Part 3

101 Frequently Asked Questions on Marine Boiler

Get answers to 101 frequently asked questions on marine boilers. An important resource for all seagoing professionals.

Marine Boiler Series: Part 4

101 Points to Troubleshoot Marine Boiler

Troubleshooting boilers is a difficult task. This guide gives 101 boiler problems along with their symptoms and preventive actions.

What do we cover in this eBook?

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  • Boiler Construction And Design
  • 101 FAQS on Marine Boiler
  • TroubleShooting Marine Boiler

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  • Boiler Construction And Design
  • Boiler Operation and Maintenance
  • 101 FAQS on Marine Boiler
  • Troubleshooting Marine Boiler

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  • Boiler Operation and Maintenance
  • 101 FAQS on Marine Boiler
  • Troubleshooting Marine Boiler

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What Mariners are Saying about this ebook?

Marine Insight’s Marine Boiler Series is the ultimate resource for understanding ship boilers in the most practical way. From design and construction to maintenance and troubleshooting, these four guides provides everything you need in to-the-point manner. If you are a maritime professional, you need to get these
– Musab.O.Karabulut, Current- Technical inspector, AB International Marine Services Co; Previous- Service technician, Man B&W

Being a Engineer, I know marine boilers are often neglected until a problem occurs. I have myself been through such situations, which could have been easily prevented if proper maintenance procedures had been followed. If you want to spare yourself from boiler related emergencies, then the Marine Insight boiler series would be the perfect thing to start with.– Mohit Kaushik, Third Engineer, Maersk Line

Keep all important procedures and troubleshooting points handy with these ebooks. These four guides cover all important topics for both young and experienced ship engineers. A must have for your study collection. 

– Hemant Rai, Second Engineer, Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd

Maintenance of boiler automation and systems is my least favourite subject. However, I know how important boilers are for a variety of ship operations. If you are serious about taking care of your boiler systems, these ebooks would provide you all the necessary information you need without making it too complicated. 

– Rishab Joshi, Third Engineer, GMC

Extremely important guides to mariners with to-the-point procedures and some great insights on how to handle boilers on board ships in the most efficient and safe manner. Book yours now. Don’t miss them! You won’t be disappointed    

– Anil Samotra, Second Engineer, V-Ships

When scheduling planned maintenance or during routine checkups, boiler is one machinery which is not popular with engineers. Blame it on the work culture or our so-called training, but boilers should be given the same importance or more when it comes to maintenance. These ebooks are the answer to all boiler related queries, which engineers often face on board ships. A must have for all those working on ships!

– Arvind Darvesh, Fourth Engineer, General Maritime Management, GMC

Marine Boiler Series

$40.00 $70.00

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