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A One-Stop Resource for Hull Painting Operations Of Ships

Painting a ship’s hull is one of the most expensive activities carried out during a dry dock repair operation. Considerable amount of commitment and investment is required to ensure that the task is carried out in the most efficient manner.

In the age of slow steaming, when ships have to comply with a series of environmental regulations, efficient hull coating and maintenance is of utmost importance. Loss of vessel speed from fouling also has huge fuel efficiency and bunker fuel cost implications, which is directly proportional to the quality of hull paint and hull fouling control systems.

In spite of such high importance of hull painting procedures in the dry dock, it is often found that there is a huge knowledge gap among maritime professionals which often leads to inefficient tasks and loss of both time and money.

“The Guide to Hull Painting Of Ships” by Marine Insight is an extremely helpful digital resource to assist in such situations. Written by the very experienced and knowledgeable chief engineer/superintendent, this eBook provides a thorough general overview of all important aspects of hull painting operations carried out in the dry dock.

What do we cover in this eBook?

Important topics covered in the eBook



Mr. S.N. Batra is a retired chief engineer and superintendent, who has worked with Shipping Corporation of India (SCI). As a technical superintendent he has been in-charge of all technical operations, surveys, repairs and dry-docking of ships. After serving for 45 years in the shipping industry, he has been a lecturer and visiting faculty for several maritime training institutes in India.

What Mariners are Saying about this ebook?

I have attended dry docks several times and know what it takes to carry out dry dock operations successfully and safely. Hull painting, though seems simple, is a complex task that requires several factors to be taken into consideration. If you a maritime professional, make sure you grab this practical and handly guide.

– Mohit Kaushik, Third Engineer, Maersk Line

As a maritime professional working on ships, I am aware of the complexity of dry dock operations. Hull painting is an important task which every maritime professional should be aware of. This great ebook written by the very experienced and renowned Mr. S.N. Batra provides all important aspects one needs to know about hull paint systems. 

– Rishabh Joshi, Third Engineer, GMC

A Guide to Hull Painting Of Ships

$22.00 $30.00

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