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Journey Of A Marine Engineer Onboard Ships

A marine engineer’s journey from junior engineer to chief engineer is an extremely interesting one. Years of training and hard work makes a marine engineer worthy to become a responsible chief engineer on a ship.

This 200 pages guide (divided into part 1 & part 2) describes the journey of a marine engineer through various professional stages of his/her life, explaining important duties at each rank, providing practical tips, and enumerating the requirements which would help in running the ship and its operations smoothly through international waters.

Written by very experienced marine engineers, this eBooks offer an excellent overview of a marine engineer’s professional journey right from the training institutes to becoming a successful chief engineer and engine room in-charge of a ship.

**These eBooks comes with 7 FREE bonuses on various topics related to engine room department.

What do we cover in this eBook?

Part 1 – Chapters in Detail

1. MEO in the Making: 5th or Junior Engineer

2. First Responsibility: Duties of 4th Engineer

3. Gaining Experience: Role As 3rd Engineer

Part 2 – Chapters in Detail

1. Engine Room Manager: Role of 2nd Engineer

2. The Overall In-Charge: Role of Chief Engineer

7 FREE Bonuses

Bonus 1: A Pocket Guide To Engine Room Watchkeeping on Ships

Bonus 2: A Pocket Guide to Fixed Fire Fighting Systems and Emergency Procedures

Bonus 3: The Most Important Engine Room Machinery Line Diagrams


Bonus 4 : Important Checklists for Marine Engineers

Bonus 5: A Guide to Financial Planning For Seafarers


Bonus 6: A Complete Guide to Travel Safety For Seafarers


Bonus 7: Lifeboat Operation and Maintenance On Ships


Pack 1

Part 1 + 1 Bonus
$ 19
  • Part 1: Operational Level Engineer
  • Bonus: Engine Room Line Diagrams

Pack 3

2 eBooks + 7 Bonuses
$ 22
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • 7 Bonuses

Pack 2

Part 2 + 1 Bonus
$ 19
  • Part 2: Management Level Engineer
  • Bonus: Lifeboat Operations and Maintenance

What Mariners are Saying about this ebook?

While I am travelling abroad, I always try to remember that my family members are waiting for me back at home. More than often I have to pinch myself while traveling to get me back from my “careless attitude” to a more alert state. This guide helps me a lot in keeping a close eye on the things that are important for my personal safety and security while traveling.

– Mohit Kaushik, Third Engineer, Maersk Line

Being a second engineer in merchant navy, I have to frequently travel to new regions in never before visited countries. Though the surroundings of all most all regions seem friendly, I am aware of the fact there are unknown threat looming around. I know it’s my own responsibility to stay alert in order to prevent myself from landing in any kind of trouble. This guide has been extremely useful in helping me to do so.

– Anish Wankhede, Second Engineer, MSC

I am a big fan of Marine Insight ebooks mainly because they are written by experienced maritime professionals who know what amount of practical knowledge is required to sustain on ships.  These two guides cover all important topics for both young and experienced ship engineers. They are surely a must have for your study collection.

– Arvind Joshi, Second Engineer, Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd

During my early days of merchant navy, I always used to have this apprehension of the way I will be treated in foreign countries. A underlying nervousness was always there at the back of the mind while traveling. I wish I had this guide with me back then. This eBook helps me remember things which I often forget while traveling, still! 

– Rishab Joshi, Third Engineer, GMC

Frequent traveler or infrequent traveler, seafarer or just a normal wanderer, this guide is important for those who want to ensure their personal safety while traveling to new lands. It’s like the ultimate guide to safety precautions necessary for travelling, both national and international.    

– Anil Samotra, Second Engineer, V-Ships

I cannot stress enough on how important these resources have been for me. As someone who is awaiting promotion, I was always anxious about by responsibilities when I reach the next level. These guides came to my rescue at the right time. They are the answer to all career related queries, which engineers often face in their life. A must have for all those working on ships!

– Sanjay Nath, Fourth Engineer, General Maritime Management, GMC

A Guide to Become A Successful Marine Engineer

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