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A Practical Guide To Yard Delivery Of New Ship

Almost every maritime professional working in the industry has to go through the yard delivery process of a new ship at least once in his/her professional life.

As the event of taking over a new ship is rare and the shipping companies tend to send only the best of its crew for the process, there is often some confusion among seafarers as to how the process is to be carried out and what are its various aspects. Needless to say, being a maritime professional, it is important that you are aware of the yard deliver process.

If you have every wondered how a new ship is brought into service, what certifications and documents are required, and what should be ensured before the ship touches waters, then look no further. This guide is just for you.

“The Practical Guide To Yard Deliver of New Ship” offers a detailed explanation on a subject which has never been discussed or explained before in the industry. This eBook describes from start till the end, as to how a new ship is brought into service after going through a series of rigorous surveys, checks and trials.

The eBook covers – detailed procedure for ship yard deliver, communication with the shipyard, information on contract and legalities, safety in shipyard, role of take over crew, list of surveys and certificates required, sea trails, taking over procedure, checks in maiden voyage etc.

What do we cover in this eBook?

The eBook Answers Some of the Frequently Asked Questions:

Chapters in Detail

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 5 – Surveys, Certifications And Requirements

Chapter 2 – The Contract

Chapter 6 – Sea Trials

Chapter 3 – Responsibility of Owner / Ship Manager

Chapter 7 – Handing over and first voyage

Chapter 4 -Responsibility of Take Over Crew


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A Practical Guide to Yard Delivery Of New Ship

$22.74 $46.00

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