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eBook 1: A Step-By-Step Guide to Overhauling Generators on Ships

Generator overhauling on ships is one mammoth of a task for marine engineers. According to a research, 50% of marine engineers who are at the initial stages of the their sea careers are unaware of the procedure for overhauling generators. Of those who have already experienced, most of them don’t have enough confidence to carry out the D’carb alone or are reluctant to take the responsibility without the assistance of a senior personnel.

“A Step by Step Guide to Overhauling Generators on Ships” is a power-packed resource for overhauling generators (auxiliary engines), featuring planning, executing, and re-starting the generator.

overhauling generators
engine room machinery

eBook 2: The Ultimate Guide to Operating Procedures for Engine Room Machinery

Only a marine engineer would know the importance of correct procedures to be followed for starting and stopping of engine room machinery. Making a minor mistake or missing a major step can bring a ship and its operations at a unexpected stand-still.

Checklists, procedure manuals, and company’s suggestions – are some of the many things a ship’s engineer has to keep in mind while handling ship’s machinery. “The Ultimate Guide to Operating Procedures for Engine Room Machinery” by Marine Insight is an extremely helpful guide to assist in such situations. This eBook contains step-by-step procedures for all machinery system of the ship’s engine room.

eBook 3: A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations – For engine room department

Do you find ship dry dock procedures physically and mentally stressing? Do you find the whole dry docking procedure intimidating? Do you try to avoid or escape dry docking of ship? Are you confused on how the dry dock operation is carried out?

A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations (For engine room department) is a downloadable ebook designed to help you understand the whole dry docking procedure is a step-by-step manner, right from the planning to sea trials.The guide is divided into 8 easy-to-follow chapters, which explain all the important jobs that are performed in the engine room department of the ship.

Guide To Master Dry Dock Operations - For Engine Department

Here are the 4 bonuses you get with this combo pack

Bonus 1: A Pocket Guide To Engine Room Watchkeeping on Ships


Bonus 2: A Pocket Guide to Fixed Fire Fighting Systems and Emergency Procedures For Ship’s Engine Room


Bonus 3: A Complete Guide to Travel Safety For Seafarers


Bonus 4 : Important Checklists for Marine Engineers


Dry Dock Engine Room Combo Pack

$56.00 $70.00

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