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eBook 1: A Guide To Hull Painting of Ships

Painting a ship’s hull is one of the most expensive activities carried out during a dry dock repair operation. Considerable amount of commitment and investment is required to ensure that the task is carried out in the most efficient manner.

In the age of slow steaming, when ships have to comply with a series of environmental regulations, efficient hull coating and maintenance is of utmost importance. Loss of vessel speed from fouling also has huge fuel efficiency and bunker fuel cost implications, which is directly proportional to the quality of hull paint and hull fouling control systems.

“The Guide to Hull Painting Of Ships” by Marine Insight is an extremely helpful digital resource to assist in such situations. Written by the very experienced and knowledgable chief engineer/superintendent Mr. S.N Batra, this eBook provides a thorough general overview of all important aspects of hull painting operations carried out in the dry dock.

Guide To Hull Painting On Ships
dry dock deck department

eBook 2: A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations – For Deck Department

A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations (For Deck Department) is a powerful guide for maritime professionals belonging to ship’s deck department.

With more than 100 pages of information on successful dry docking of ships, this resourceful guide breaks down the inevitable tedious task into different parts to explain each and every aspect of ship’s dry docking.

If you find dry dock operations tedious and complicated, this ebook will help you to understand the importance of planning and preparation for the dry dock with important procedures.

eBook 3: A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations – For Engine Room Department

Do you find ship dry dock procedures physically and mentally stressing? Do you find the whole dry docking procedure intimidating? Do you try to avoid or escape dry docking of ship? Are you confused on how the dry dock operation is carried out?

A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations (For engine room department) is a downloadable ebook designed to help you understand the whole dry docking procedure is a step-by-step manner, right from the planning to sea trials.The guide is divided into 8 easy-to-follow chapters, which explain all the important jobs that are performed in the engine room department of the ship.

Guide To Master Dry Dock Operations - For Engine Department
yard delivery

eBook 4: A Practical Guide To Yard Delivery Of New Ship

Almost every maritime professional working in the industry has to go through the yard delivery process of a new ship at least once in his/her professional life.

As the event of taking over a new ship is rare and the shipping companies tend to send only the best of its crew for the process, there is often some confusion among seafarers as to how the process is to be carried out and what are its various aspects. Needless to say, being a maritime professional, it is important that you are aware of the yard deliver process.

If you have every wondered how a new ship is brought into service, what certifications and documents are required, and what should be ensured before the ship touches waters, then look no further. This guide is just for you.



Bonus 1: A Guide to Financial Planning For Seafarers

Bonus 2: A Complete Guide to Travel Safety For Seafarers


Bonus 3 : 19 Essential Checklists


Dry Dock Combo Pack

$72.00 $90.00

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