Competency In Marine Electrical Engineering -3rd Edition 


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Competency In Marine Electrical Engineering - 3rd Edition

This book has been meticulously written in order to cater to the knowledge
requirements of sailing Electrical Officers and Marine Engineers who aim to qualify
for the Certificate of Competency. It is also a prescribed text book for approved
High Voltage Courses.

The 11 chapters flow from the basic to more complex systems and equipment
that are vital to a ship’s safe operation and maintenance. They are as follows:

1 Electrical Safe Working Practice
2. The Practical Aspects of Electrical Circuits
3. Electronic Components
4. Alternators, Switchboards and Switchgear
5. Starters and Control Equipment for Motors
6. Miscellaneous Systems
7. Explosion Proof Equipment
8. Automation and Instrumentation
9. High Voltage Safety and Switchgear
10. Interpretation of Relevant SOLAS Regulations
11. Questions and Answers for Competency Exams

What do we cover in this eBook?

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$39.95 $79.95

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