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A Step-By-Step Guide to Overhauling Generators on Ships

Generator overhauling on ships is one mammoth of a task for marine engineers. According to a research, 50% of marine engineers who are at the initial stages of the their sea careers are unaware of the procedure for overhauling generators. Of those who have already experienced, most of them don’t have enough confidence to carry out the D’carb alone or are reluctant to take the responsibility without the assistance of a senior personnel.

The fact is that overhauling of ship’s generators is not a part of a daily routine task. It is a long and tedious procedure which is carried out when the generator reaches the time for scheduled maintenance after completing certain number of running hours as stated by the manufacturers. Needless to say, overhauling of generators requires hands-on knowledge and experience along with thorough understanding of step-by-step procedures for maintenance of auxiliary engine D’carb.

“A Step by Step Guide to Overhauling Generators on Ships” is a power-packed resource for overhauling generators (auxiliary engines), featuring planning, executing, and re-starting the generator.

In this four part series, get practical knowledge and helpful tips on carrying out operation and maintenance of boilers on board.

According to Hull and Machinery survey, engine room machinery such as generator accounts to 33% of the total claims received by the Swedish Club for Insurance cover. This is big figure considering that insurance costs are significant cost elements for ship owners and operators. As a result, there is a substantial pressure on professional marine engineers working on ships to carry out routine scheduled maintenance with utmost efficiency, especially when there has been several cases of punitive actions taken against professionals who have failed to perform their jobs properly, knowingly or unknowingly.

Secondly, the rate of maritime casualties as a result of lack of knowledge of proper use of technology on ships is on the rise. A staggering 75-96% of maritime casualties are caused, at least in part, by some form of human error. This is a massive figure while taking the factor of “seafarers’s safety” on board ships. A proper understanding of any important/major maintenance procedure is imperative for marine engineers responsible for safe and smooth working of engine room machinery.

Ensuring that safe working practices are followed while carrying out generator overhauling is important for all marine engineers. As such processes are usually a team effort, miscommunication can result in unfortunate accidents. It is therefore necessary to follow systematic guidelines and step-by-step procedures for carrying out such complex work in the engine room.

D’carb of a generator is a long process which usually take minimum of 4-7 days or even more. Remembering each and every step, procedure, and guidelines is beyond the scope of any human being. Marine engineers use checklists and other important information provided by the manufacturers. However, when it comes to the actual work they constantly seek advice from their seniors and colleagues. Though this is important, it is also a bit risky to rely of the knowledge of others as there are high chances of forgetting important steps while carrying out a long process. A written resource which has all the details that are required, both practical and theoretical, is therefore a must have for all marine engineers.

What do we cover in this eBook?

What Mariners are Saying about this ebook?

“Having worked as a Service Technician with MAN B&W, I know the amount of efforts and precision it takes to carry out an error-less overhauling of generators on ships. Auxiliary engine is a complicated and expensive piece of machinery which requires professional expertise and skills for carrying out maintenance procedure. As an expert who works on marine engines, I recommend to use a guide like this which would assist you through the lengthy procedure of generator d’carb.”

– Musab.O.Karabulut, Current- Technical inspector, AB International Marine Services Co; Previous- Service technician, Man B&W

To be honest, overhauling auxiliary engines on ships is not an easy task. It takes several days of continuous and accurate work to ensure that the engine restarted in a smooth and efficient manner. There are numerous things, both major and minor, to remember while carrying out the d’carb procedure. A solid resource which provides both practical and theoretical knowledge is a must and this guide is the best reference out there for important tips and tricks for overhauling generators. This is a must-have for all maritime professionals. 

– Mohit Kaushik, Third Engineer, Maersk Line

One of the drawbacks of working on newer ships is the lack of opportunities they would provide you for learning major overhauling of various machinery in the engine room. If you are a marine engineer and have experienced generator d’carb in the early stage of your career, consider yourself luck cause sooner or later you will have to perform the task all by yourself. This guide is extremely important for all experienced and inexperienced marine engineers who want to master one of the most important tasks in the ship’s engine room- Generator Overhauling! 

– Hemant Rai, Second Engineer, Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd

If you are a marine engineer working on ships, you must have heard of many unfortunate stories of generator overhauling procedures gone wrong, resulting in loss of life and property, and engineers getting sacked as a result. An auxiliary engine is an extremely expensive piece of machinery and ship owners don’t want any inexperienced and inefficient professionals working on it. If a mistake is made while carrying out this work, mind that no mercy will be shown to you by the owners. Be on the safer side, learn the process inside-out using this excellent guide which will provide you with all that is needed to have a successful generator d’carb. 

– Rishab Joshi, Third Engineer, GMC

If you have ever done or seen a generator overhauling on ships, you would know the amount of team effort and insane attention to detail the procedure requires. Sometimes even after having several years of experience working on ships one can miss an important step while carrying out the maintenance work. It is definitely not an easy task, but something which requires great skills, focus, and knowledge. You need a resource which tell you practical solutions which are a product of years of experience and lessons learnt from mistakes. If you have been looking for such a resource for generator d’carb then your search ends here. This is a one-stop reference for generator overhauling and a must have ebook for people working in the ship’s engine room.   

– Anil Samotra, Second Engineer, V-Ships

A Step-by-Step Guide to Overhauling Generators On Ships

$18.00 $26.00

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