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A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations – For Deck Department

A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations (For Deck Department) is a powerful guide for maritime professionals belonging to ship’s deck department.

With more than 100 pages of information on successful dry docking of ships, this resourceful guide breaks down the inevitable tedious task into different parts to explain each and every aspect of ship’s dry docking.

If you find dry dock operations tedious and complicated, this ebook will help you to understand the importance of planning and preparation for the dry dock with important procedures.

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What do we cover in this eBook?

Questions answered in the eBook:

1. Scope of Dry Dock

2. Preparations before the dry dock

3. The Docking Process

4. Duties of Ship’s Staff

5. Maintenance Work in Dry Dock

6. Checks, Tests, and Surveys in Dry Dock

7. Regulations, Surveys, and Checks

8. Sea Trials

What Mariners are Saying about this ebook?

This eBook is like having the blueprint of the complete dry dock operation in your hand. Right from preparations to sea trials of ships, the guide takes you through all the aspects of dry docking a ship. This is the ultimate resource for all deck officers not only because it’s highly informative but also because of it’s very much affordable.

– Abhishek Bhanawat, Chief Officer, Seaarland Ship Management

If you are a student or a deck officer working on ships, this eBook must be in your collection. It offers valuable knowledge on how dry docking of ships is performed and what does it take to carry out a successful dry docking operation.

– Capt. Rishi Sharma, Assistant Vice President, Doehle Danautic Managament CEO, Advance Maritime Training Institute (AMTI), India.

A valuable resource comprising of all important dry docking procedures, checklists, and reports required by deck officers. A very well compiled and researched guide. Don’t miss it! 

– Manumaan Singh , Chief Officer , British Petroleum

This is one of the very few resources which explains dry docking procedure from seafarers’ point of view. The Do’s and Don’ts for all dry docking operations provided in the guide should not be missed by shipping professionals. Without doubt, it’s a must-have for all deck officers! – Capt. Swapnil Hemchandra Dhamankar, Marine Superintendent

– Corporate Compliance , Fleet Management

A Complete Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations For Deck Department

$18.00 $26.00

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