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How Seafarers Can Achieve Financial Freedom?

Seafarers are in a disadvantaged group right from the start of their careers. While spending a considerable amount of time at sea, an average sailor is a little naive to the requirements of the family and worldly life, especially when it comes to financial planning.

Owing to frantic schedules while on board and regular trainings and courses while on land, a seafarers simply doesn’t have adequate time to properly think about his/her finances.

Though enough has been said and written on the subject of financial planning in various books, there is little penetration of financial instruments in the life of a seafarer.

So an ideal seafarer works throughout his life, providing for parents, siblings, wife and children, slogging at sea and often ending up with no or negligible savings, which pushes him to go for sailing again.

As a result, essential time is lost when a lot of contribution can be made to his savings. By the time he realises about the amount of money needed, he already has a family and several expenses to shoulder.

This ebook has been written with the sole intention to close this gap of financial knowledge or at least to start an awakening among seafarers about its importance. It has been devised to not only safeguard savings of seafarers but also to ensure that all their requirements are met whenever the need be.

“A Guide To Financial Planning For Seafarers” aims to ensure that the financial decisions of seafarers are not governed by others but by seafarers themselves, taking into account their future aspirations, desires, fears and long term goals.

This ebook will guide seafarers in achieving the financial planning they always dreamt of


What do we cover in this eBook?

About The Author

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Mr. Rajeeve Kaushik is a marine engineer by profession. In his sailing career of twenty-nine years, he has been chief engineer for nineteen. His Interest in economics came about by quite a chance at school level and has stayed ever since through the rolling and pitching of over quarter century. He spent the younger part of his life figuring out methods and research in Financial risk analysis with the singular goal of planning out the future of seafarers. As if to prove his point, he planned and called his self-retirement on his 50th birthday. He thinks that every seafarer of the world can do the same and therefore spends considerable time in helping them achieve the same.

Important topics covered in the eBook

Still not sure if this is the eBook for You?

This eBook has straight forward explanations and tips on financial planning for all age groups. Any seafarer (or non-seafarer) wanting to confidently take care of his or her finances will get something out of this book.

  • If you’d like to improve the quality of lifestyle
  • Don’t want to get bogged down with financial jargons
  • Want to learn from an experienced fellow seafarer who has devoted his life in securing financial life of others
  • Enjoy the confidence of a money-back guarantee

…then this is the eBook for you.

A Guide to Financial Planning For Seafarers

$4.99 $16.99

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