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guide to maritime law


The vast expanse of the world’s oceans has always held an air of mystique and adventure, drawing human civilization towards exploration, trade, and global connectivity.

Behind the scenes of this captivating maritime realm lies a complex web of legal principles and regulations that govern every aspect of shipping, navigation, and international trade.

“A Beginner’s Guide to Maritime Law” is a comprehensive journey through the intricate tapestry of laws and regulations that dictate the interactions between ships, their crew, cargo, and the environment.

What do we cover in this eBook?

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Here are the bonuses you get with this eBook:

Bonus 1: A Guide to Financial Planning For Seafarers


Bonus 2: A Complete Guide to Travel Safety For Seafarers


What Mariners are Saying about this ebook?

“Having spent decades navigating the intricate waters of the maritime industry, I can confidently say that ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Maritime Law’ is a beacon of knowledge and insight for anyone setting sail in this complex world. This ebook is a maritime enthusiast’s compass, guiding us through the legal intricacies that often go unnoticed beneath the waves.”

– Mohit Kaushik, 2nd Engineer, Maersk Line

From the very beginning, the guide’s lucid explanations of shipping laws, parties involved, and the significance of documents in shipping enlightened me on the legal backdrop of my profession. The detailed exploration of charter parties, maritime insurance, and individual liability provided me with a newfound clarity about the complex contracts and responsibilities that define the industry.

– Arwind Jadav, Second Engineer, MSC

As a ship captain, I’ve always appreciated smooth operations and efficient cargo movements. ‘Daytime Demurrage’ section was a revelation, helping me understand the intricacies of compensation for cargo delays. The insights on arbitration and maritime claims proved invaluable for handling disputes, ensuring smoother sailing in uncertain legal waters.

– Ashish Joshi, Second Officer, Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd

‘A Beginner’s Guide to Maritime Law’ stands as a compass, steering anyone interested in maritime affairs toward a deeper understanding of this intricate realm. I’m genuinely grateful for this resource and would recommend it to anyone setting sail in the world of maritime law.”

– Rishab Joshi, Third Engineer, GMC

In my decade at sea, I’ve seen how maritime law can be a labyrinth of complexities. This guide, however, navigates through them with clarity, offering an accessible entry point for those new to the subject.

– Anil Samotra, Second Engineer, V-Ships

What truly impressed me was the book’s commitment to addressing critical issues. Chapters dedicated to maritime security and the environment displayed a profound understanding of the industry’s present and future challenges. The legal aspects of crew welfare also underscored the importance of ensuring a safe and fair working environment for my crew.

– Pankaj Nath, Fourth Engineer, General Maritime Management, GMC


$9.95 $19.99

guide to maritime law

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